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Ano Poroia
Stroll in the picturesque village of Upper PorroiaRooted at the foot of Mount kerkini, overlooking the valley and the lake kerkini lies the village of Ano Porroia. The beauty, the majesty of the mountains, abundant running waters, huge shady trees, the densely forested slopes pleasant and healthy climate, win over the visitor discovers the ideal place to stay in the area. The settlement built amphitheater
Village Lithotopos is built on two hills, at the foot of the crust beside the river Strymon and the southern tip of the lake, with fantastic views, unfolded in front of an image of magic, where water and nature in perfect harmony compose unique images in the eyes of the visitor.For the village, it all started in 1922 when, after the Asia Minor catastrophe 85,000 refugees settled in the area, which
Lake Kerkini is an artificial lake and one of of the most important wetland in Greece, and lies between Mt. Kerkini (Belles) on the north and Mt. Krousia on south. 10,996 ha of the area are covered by Ramsar Site, while 28,200 ha are Special Protection Area (SPA).Lake Kerkini and surrounding areas are very important: Except the breeding, passage and wintering waterbirds and raptors it is of high importance

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    Sidirokastro Thermal Baths

    Seven miles from the city of Sidirokastrou and in a location with panoramic views, are the thermal baths Sidirokastro. The last years have been modernized with excellent facilities, so they can provide a high level of hospitality to guests.
    In the area you can visit the Byzantine castle, forts of Rupel and bridge Strymon where Hercules has done the feat with "The oxen of Geryon."

    There are also hiking trails through a truly alpine landscape which lead to waterfalls and caves under exploration.

    Prefecture of Serres
    Location: Sidirokastro
    Type: Mineral Source
    Baths Information: +30 2323022422
    Temperature: 33-50 ° C

    Characterization: Hyperthermia - Na - Ca - K - HCO3 - F - B - metal - hypotonic

    Indications: Balneotherapy for rheumatic diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, slipped disk, myalgia, sciatica, lumbago, joint diseases, gynecological diseases.

    Facilities: Spa in batch and individual baths, jacuzzi, aromatherapy. Hotel. Opened year.