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Sightseeing in Kerkini Lake

Published on 2014-09-12


Published on 2014-09-12

How to reach Kerkini Lake

Published on 2014-09-11

The Lake Kerkini

Published on 2014-09-11



1000 trees
In Thousand Trees in the forest of berries, 4 km north of the village Doiran formed a beautiful recreation area in the center of a cluster of old oak trees up to 400 years. The forest, being rare, has been declared Natural Monument and along with a small part of the lake, is included in the proposed areas to join the network "Natura 2000".
Stronghold Rupel
In First World War that started on August 1914 when after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo , Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. With the outbreak of the war Greece decided to remain neutral.When rejecting the requirement of Bulgaria to grant the large southern part of Serbia , the port of Kavala and an area that included Serres , Bulgaria declared war against Serbia and the
Kilkis Cave and Balneotherapy
The cave is one of the Kilkis axiologotera Greece and is located at the foot of the dominant hill town St. George, has an area of ​​over a thousand square meters and a total length of paths explored three hundred meters and is 2 floors.It have rare decoration of coral material and numerous stalactites , stalagmites and compositions which give separate beauty.Also, presents scientific interest both
Stronghold Istimpei
Stronghold Istimpei is 16 miles from the New Petrich. It is about 250 meters from the Greek-Bulgarian border, at an altitude of 1,339 meters. The fort coupled with the White Stone fortresses and Bracket was perfect base for aggression to Petrich Bulgaria. Information on tel. 2321095102
Sidirokastro Thermal Baths
Seven miles from the city of Sidirokastrou and in a location with panoramic views, are the thermal baths Sidirokastro. The last years have been modernized with excellent facilities, so they can provide a high level of hospitality to guests.In the area you can visit the Byzantine castle, forts of Rupel and bridge Strymon where Hercules has done the feat with "The oxen of Geryon."There are also hiking
Mud baths Pikrolimnis Kilkis
The Healing Clay and thermal water Pikrolimnis indicated for the treatment of conditions such as:rheumaticbackachediseases spondyloarthritismyalgiasciaticaslipped discmusculoskeletalarthriticSkin (acne, psoriasis and Ekzymata)gynecologicaltraumaticHoused pilotherapeftirio with collective pools for men and women with opportunities:Individual rooms spread clay & local totalHydrotherapy - HydrotherapyIndividual

Stroll in the picturesque village of Upper Porroia

Rooted at the foot of Mount kerkini, overlooking the valley and the lake kerkini lies the village of Ano Porroia. The beauty, the majesty of the mountains, abundant running waters, huge shady trees, the densely forested slopes pleasant and healthy climate, win over the visitor discovers the ideal place to stay in the area. The settlement built amphitheater and retains the Makedonitikis Architecture brought Vlach Greeks from Epirus and West. Macedonia with its customs and traditions elements which "married" spotless later installing the Asia Minor refugees in 1922 Navigate the streets of 'Mahal', enjoying the great views, feel the hospitality of a people who have always lived and living with nature's bounty, recognize smells of blossoming nature. Browse the fantastic aesthetic forest trees where abundant water flow where there is a recreation area with focal, visit the churches of Saints George and Demetrius, with unique frescoes.

Activities in Upper Poróïa Serres lake kerkini

Browse the term kerkini (Belles) through marked trails or 4x4. It is an important habitat and has been proposed to be designated a national park. The term kerkini which gave its name to the homonymous lake and is classified as a Botanical Paradise (GR 1260001) with special botanical and zoological interest is included in the areas NATURA 2000. Ideal access point is the village Lithotopos whereafter start and signposted hiking trails. 40 'smooth hiking arrives in Palios Agios Georgios (path B5) Following the gorge with its rich waters (path B1) after the forest with huge trees arrive in beech, maple, birch, fir, black pine, ITAM, and after two hours in the heart of the mountain plateau of alder Asprolimni where there is shelter. If we continue to position Platoma and then moving near the top of the mountain in place Ovatzik (path B3) found locally endemic and rare species on native Greece and the Balkan Peninsula in alpine and subalpine meadows. The view in both lakes and Kerkinis Doiranis is magnificent. Best time to visit: -July May and October-November. Rich fauna presence golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorous), Saida (Accipiter brevipes), lesser spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina) and several mammals. The term kerkini hides many surprises the visitor. The area is crossed by a path joined the international hiking trails E4 and E6 at the foot of Mount kerkini

Browse by horses in the beautiful green forest of Mount Beles.

Nick really loves horses, has prepared for you unique paths through the woods, over 30 minutes, one hour and 10 minutes, 4 hours, one-day or two-day tour with overnight in the shelter of the mountain, at 1100 meters altitude. You have the opportunity to make one of the most popular trails in Greece riding, doing archery, to living in the beautiful nature. The ride horses are safe, enjoyable, easy and fun for all ages and no prior experience or special shape.

Visiting Monasteries

a) Visit to the Monastery of the Forerunner Akritochori

At the foot of Mount kerkini in a fantastic location just above the wader forest (which is the heart of the habitat) on the path of international trekking trails built a masterpiece of architecture, the Holy Monastery of John the Baptist. For those who have not visited the monasteries of Mount Athos are given a good chance to get a get a glimpse of Mount Athos monastic architecture and atmosphere, since the ceremonies followed the ritual of the monasteries, but the biggest surprise will feel the hospitality of the monks . Admire the sunset from the position of the monastery 100 meters north where reservoir. (Tel: 2323071189)

b) Visit to the Monastery of St. George in Monastiraki.

On top of a hill in the mountains with panoramic views Kroussia the surrounding area, was built during the Turkish occupation as a vow Aga area in St. George who saved the child. It was the center (headquarters) of the Macedonian struggle.

c) Visit the small aquarium Vyronia

Unique Aquarium Vyronia which hosted next railway station accommodates fourteen to eleven species of fish aquariums, quite interesting reptiles and snakes in the area but the positive is that you can be informed properly about the area using audiovisual media.

Tel 23230-31449

Time required to reach: 17 '

d) A spectacular ride to the fort of Rupel

The fort of "Rupel" is in a strategic location and is part of the military works "Metaxas Line" located in our northern borders .it the largest fortified complex location along the border, from which part of today can be visited. The room and the museum, which operates in the same room is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 and the remaining days under license. It is 3 km. Than the office of the Rampart and 7 km from the bridge over the river Struma.

Info: 10th Brigade 2321095100-1

Time required to reach 30 '

e) Visit to the fort Istimpei.

Starts in New Petrich and climb the mountain is breathtaking.

An unknown part of the modern Greek history been played on April 6, 1941 at Mount kerkini. The peculiarity of having the fort because it is a military outpost which is active on many unknown to history that unfolds on the visited locations and the excellent way in the forest .All this makes your visit a unique experience . The forts are all from surface and underground structures made ​​of reinforced concrete, linked together by tunnels. It is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 and the remaining days under license.

Time required to reach 60 '

f) Visit to the Office for the Promotion of Ecotourism (Exhibition Center Bird-Insect-Plant) of Lithotopos

Next to the dam of the lake in MD Ljcoto'poy works Ecotourism Promotion Office, to highlight and promote ecotourism and agritourism in Serres. Hosts showrooms with exhibits of fauna and flora unique collection of insects of the Lake Kerkinis, provides information about the area and also has a room to consult the history of the valley of Struma.
Tel 2325041036


g) A walk on the lake and visit the Kerkinis wetland

Basil fisherman to main profession, born and raised in the lake, waiting for tour boats in the harbor Kerkinis. The time duration of the course is two hours. Final destination is the wader forest. Each season alternating landscape and birds. The spring-summer we can see egrets, spoonbills, pygmy, cormorants and cormorant colonies .The their autumn - winter shelter in the lake pelicans, ducks, geese, herons, flamingos, etc. Basil with kindly smile and patience is willing to tell and share their love for all the birds and fish in the lake.
Phone number: 6945465619 time it takes the ride is two hours. Final destination is the wader forest. Each season alternating landscape and birds. The spring-summer we can see spoonbills, pygmy, cormorants and cormorant colonies .The their autumn - winter shelter in the lake pelicans, ducks, geese, herons, flamingos, etc. Basil with kindly smile and patience is willing to tell and share their love for all the birds and fish in the lake.

Time required to reach: 10 '

h) Walk in Kerkinis lake with canoes, 4X4 and visit the wetland.

In the village of Mandraki and departing the port of Vangelis hostel owner makes trips specifically canoeing, mountain bikes and 4x4s to the major points of the lake. Anyone interested provided the necessary equipment as well as information about the problems facing the lake .Pragmatopoiountai-day, weekends, holidays, programs or even complex.
Tel 2323071106 completeness.

Time required to reach: 10 '

i) River Strymon -Vouvalia- Round Lake

The lake is artificial because we have easy access to almost all the banks
River Strymon - wader forest. After the village of Vyronia direction Megalohori, we find a one-way bridge over the river Struma. Right and left of this bridge are the boron and south respectively of river embankments. In the northern embankment meet members of Vyronia -topia exceptional beauty ash flooded by water. In the southern embankment after 7 Km meet the Buffaloes to the fold of the Roses and longer reach from there drive to wader forest and estuary of Strymon lake. After the bridge starts and the eastern embankment of the lake to the southern embankment of the Struma creates a triangle point is the best unique beauty of the lake. If we continue the eastern embankment after the fishing port of Chrissohorafa reach the dam Ljcoto'poy. Thence in a northerly direction cross paved path west embankment and after 17 Km arrive in port Kerkinis .Ligo north we find the port of Livadia. This tropical cyclone almost across the lake. Ideal equipment considered binoculars for bird watching.

Time required to reach: 18 '


a) Hook

The Byzantine Hook hammam bath is considered the best in Greece. But there are two other large marble tanks and two smaller ones. The water is of excellent quality odorless temperature 38th-40th C, relaxes, refreshes, relaxes, pampers the skin and hair, dissolve the salts in the joints. Recommended for arthritis and rheumatism. It operates 24 hours a day every day of the year, is one of the few baths allowed the public bathroom men - women as well as private use in tanks that are available with a ticket for 30. It is one of the few baths preferred by new age travelers.

Til.23230 41420

Time required to reach 40 '

b) Sidirokastrou

Known sources of the Byzantine period, which were exploited by the Municipal Baths and restored the old steam which generates group swimmers. Also operate jacuzzi baths and facilities are hydrokinesotherapy. Last added benefits to massage, mud therapy, aromatherapy, and froutotherapeia. The water temperature is a clear odorless 39th-41st C .Synistatai for slipped disk, neuralgia, diseases of joints, muscle aches and gynecological diseases.

Tel 2323022422, fax 2323024858

Time required to reach: 23 '

Mountain Bike at the foot of Mount kerkini overlooking the lake along the E4 and E6.

You can enjoy the natural scenery of the region with an experience that raises the adrenaline making mountain biking. Style bikes mountain bike will find Viglatoras where you indicate paths compatible with fantastic natural scenery and views as of flame along the road at the foot of Mount kerkini, embankments of the lake and into the habitat and trails roads linking settlements between them. Tel 23270 51231

Visit to Lake Doiran - riverine forest berries.

At the roots of mount kerkini is Lake Doiran. The life of the lake is many centuries famous for the delicious carp. Interesting the coastal route from the office of Doiranis up the northern end of the riverine forest berries (Thousand Trees).

The forest covers an area of ​​750 acres and is protected by NATURA 2000 (GR 1230002) consisting of mixed oak, elm, ash and sycamore sunrise. It is not remarkable station for migratory birds.

Time required to reach: 25 '

Path in forest Kroussia (Theodorio-Pontokerasia)

Distance of 10 km in the Kroussia oak forest, and is an alternative to entering the region through institutional / Line - Kilkis. The customer is protected by the NATURA 2000 It consists of deciduous oak forests with dense vegetation and dense network of streams and ravines hosts rich flora.

Time required to reach: 15 '

Balkan Botanic Garden Kroussia

A living museum that combines amazing environmental education and aesthetic enjoyment and recreation area total 310 acres. The exhibits include unique species of plants found only in parts of Greece and in parts of the Balkan Peninsula, most of whom are protected by international conventions. Located Kroussia Mountains near the village Pontokerasia in N. Kilkis and following the path Lithotopos - Rodopoli - Theodorio- Efkarpia- botanical garden. If we have 4x4 move from the Botanical Garden through Montenegro in terms of a magical ride 12 Km on the western embankment of the lake Kerkinis

Hours: Daily 10.00- 15.00 Saturday & Sunday 17.00 10.00-

Tel 2310-471613, 23410-70688 fax: 2310-478907

Time required to reach: 55 '

Museum Michael Tsartsidis Sidirocastro

Private collection of Mr. Tsartsidis who began collecting at the age of 11 years old in the year 1941 with weapons, helmets, bayonets and other items from the battlefields of Fort Rupel. Founded in 1980 and includes 4,500 historic and folklore exhibits. Located in the center of the city Sidirokastrou.

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