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    Village Lithotopos is built on two hills, at the foot of the crust beside the river Strymon and the southern tip of the lake, with fantastic views, unfolded in front of an image of magic, where water and nature in perfect harmony compose unique images in the eyes of the visitor.

    For the village, it all started in 1922 when, after the Asia Minor catastrophe 85,000 refugees settled in the area, which until that time was under Turkish occupation, to start a new life, moving customs, traditions and habits. The years that followed were difficult.

    But despite the difficult situations of poverty, Malaria, World War II and the civil residents were able to show the way to a sustainable society and organized.

    Lakeside trails with afaltirio village Lithotopos

    In the western part is asphalt and kerkini leads to the village, while the east is passable dirt road and is incomparably more beautiful.

    Around the lake, there are two routes. In the western part is asphalt and leads to the village kerkini. The images are unique and rare. In imperturbable surface water, reflected in trouble with the snowy peaks, touching the 2.031metra. In the background, a large flock of pelicans, arguing for a few fish. In there, casually watching the flamingos.

    Cows grazing along the banks carefree and a little farther, a dozen ducks ply the characteristic way the water. Everywhere silence. But we have so much life around here. The eastern lakeside path, is in my opinion by far the most beautiful. Dirt road passable by cars generously offers unique pictures of the lake and the surrounding environment.

    Channels, the ... endangered forest, water buffalo farms, but the decor known Greek film of brick houses, which were placed in the lake, near the shore, but never removed. You start the route, ascending the small gravel ramp located next to the tarmac, just above the dam.

    Boating with "blaves"

    The village is the harbor Lithotopos Kerkini where special boats called 'Blaves' to start a atelioti exploration with countless images of rare species of birds you attract attention, and storks nests of rare birds at each point of the lake, image of carefree buffalo and many more beautiful memories that will stay enexitiles.

    There, in a small bay, tie the characteristic shallow boats, the "blaves" that can move even ten water points. It is the only means of movement of visitors.

    And as we all admit, the best time is spring, when the water is high and can move between half sunk in the trunks of trees.

    Tours on horseback, hiking, biking

    A few years ago Mr. Reklos John created the "Oikoperiigitis" and began to organize the first ecological explorations of the lake. Originally tours were limited to morning boat combined with environmental awareness. However, the growing interest of visitors was enough reason to expand activities.

    Today, in addition to classic boating and rowing kayak, made ​​tours with horses, biking and hiking trails selected the banks - only during the period when the water of the lake is low, ie from autumn until spring. Apart from the "Oikoperiigitis" in the company operates "Tracker", which specializes in horse riding, but organizes and jeep trails.

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